Hey guys, it's Kass...

I am an Introvert with a side dish of social anxiety. An ISTJ to the core, I'm a formidable  mind-mapper and a list-maker. When I'm not journaling or making memories with my tight-knit group of girlfriends, I'm gathering content from my two teen-aged children, writing at the local coffee house or driving my extroverted husband crazy. 
Beneath the Surface: A Devotional Journal for Introverted Believers is my latest project and I am so excited about it. It is a devotional journal empowering introverts to think outside their stereotypes and use their traits to strengthen and glorify God's kingdom. It is getting polished and poked by beta readers and will begin its agent-search journey in early February. 
My Contemporary Christian Novel, Ruth's Garden is also an award winner and will be published in God's timing. I am a passionate and energetic speaker and consider it my call to worship.
My contact information is at the footer of each page - email me directly for any questions or to contact me about SPEAKING. I'd love for you to join the mailing list so you are up to date on the latest writing news, and receive journal pages, checklists, and more.
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