Hey guys, it's Kass...

porch looking away.jpeg
I am from the Midwest I live thirty miles from where I was born and two hours from where I was raised in south-central Illinois. The Midwest is where I call home, whether it's my grandma's house, my mom's, or mine, this is where my heart is. 
I love hearing from my readers and their experiences in the Midwest, especially those outside Illinois. You can always reach out to me by emailing kass at kassfogle do com (avoiding the bots, don'tchaknow).
I'm also an introvert with a side dish of social anxiety. It does not mean I'm shy or afraid of people. It actually means I'm a formidable  mind-mapper and a list-maker who is most productive when working in solitude. I love people!  
When I'm not writing at the local coffee house or driving my extroverted husband crazy, you can find me trying new recipes or visiting one of the Midwest's State Parks.  
My contact information is at the footer of each page - email me directly for any questions or to contact me about SPEAKING. I'd love for you to join the mailing list so you are up to date on the latest writing news, and receive journal pages, checklists, and more.