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Hi, it's Kass Fogle. I am a Christian Blogger, Speaker and Author. And Introvert.


As an introvert with a side dish of social anxiety, I've struggled with understanding my role in the Christian Community where small groups are the foundation.

THE INTROVERTED BELIEVER is my response to two years of prayer, study and listening. It is not THE answer (only the Bible is THE answer), but it my response. I hope to point all struggles back to Jesus. I pray you open your bible after reading one of my blogs and dig deeper. 

I want to encourage you to respond biblically in your work, your marriage and your friendships. 

Coming November 4, 2018, I am releasing The Introverted Believer on this site, kassfogle.com, so you will see a more focused format.  Each Sunday, I'll release a short video that introduces the Wednesday Blog topic. In between, I'll post humorous, sometimes serious, and often times snarky, memes, pictures and tips.

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May God fill you with joy, healing, and strength and may your faith be multiplied in abundance so you can share those gifts with everyone else. 

If you need prayer for anything at all or want to contact me for a speaking engagement, please email me directly at kassfogle@gmail.com.  It would be my honor to pray for you.  

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May God bless you each and every day!

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