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Prayers for Friday Night Lights

Friday Night Lights.

The Boys of Fall.

High School Football.

When I watch my son run onto the field for the first time as a High School Senior, I know that I will experience yet another last. And I will cherish each last as much as I cherished all his firsts.

High School Football is not just a right of passage for the boys, but if you are from my town (and I'd guess, just about any other football town), Friday Nights are a right of passage for all Football Moms as well.

This year, I wrote specific prayers for the home team, the opponents, the coaches and the officials.

So stand up and unite, all you Football Moms; the Moms of Fall. Join me in prayer over this fun season of life.

We are Football Moms.

Click the link above, and pray with me this football season!


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