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What Fears Drive You Up a Tree?

My cat loves to climb trees. Sometimes, he climbs 50-60 feet high, and doesn’t come down for days.

He might start climbing up the tree trunk a few feet in the air, until he decides he wants down. He’ll scratch his way down a couple of feet, until he scares himself, and climbs higher. He will repeat this a few times until he finds himself all the way at the top, swaying back and forth with the tallest limbs.

When the cat does this, I plead with my husband to do something, but he casually replies, “he’ll stay up there until his need for food overcomes his fear of climbing down the tree.” And my husband is right, some other need will become stronger than the cat’s fear, and he will eventually climb down.

Fear can have a powerful hold on us. And because we don’t want to be paralyzed by that fear, we often throw ourselves into action without the benefit of first seeking God, which only gets us deeper into trouble. We want to boldly meet face to face with evil, but then cower when we realize we are fighting our battles alone.

Proverbs 18:10 says, “The name of the Lord is a strong tower; the righteous run into it and are safe.” (NRSV). Rather than fighting our fears alone, what if we allow God to be our strong tower? Because he is our tower, He can always see evil coming from far away and send us warnings so we can act with wisdom, rather than react in haste.

We can have ears to hear and eyes to see those warnings, so we do not have to live in fear, but instead, can live in the righteous protection of the name of the Lord.

Prayer: Lord, our common fears are made dormant by your love and protection. Be our guide and our strength Lord as we place these fears at your feet. In Jesus, our hope resides. Amen.

What fear do you battle? Do not battle your fears on your own, let me pray for you. Send your prayer request to and I will be happy to pray for you!

Kass Fogle is a Contemporary Christian Author, Speaker and Blogger who lives with her husband and two teenaged children in South-Central Illinois. She is working on her first novel, Ruth's Garden and when she is not working the day job you can find her at the local coffee house writing, at home baking, hanging out with family or causing trouble with her tight group of girlfriends. Kass is also a raging Football Mom.

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