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Two Lessons from the Dressing Room

It’s that dreaded time of year again. The time of year when the calories of winter shed their cardigan to reveal the jiggling arms below the cap sleeve of spring.

I’m sorry, but the size 10 of winter (not my real size – I wish) is not the size 10 of spring, Amen?

I’ve been shopping the last two weekends looking for pretty new spring clothes and have heard a few things come from the racks and dressing rooms that remind me what fun we woman are when we pull together. Here’s a couple:

What do you think? Are you sure?” Ladies, our feedback to each other matters. Yes, we want honesty if it looks hideous, but you could not be handed a better opportunity to tell another woman she looks beautiful than when she walks out of the dressing room and just rocks an outfit.

“If I go down a size, it will ride up my butt!” This was followed by two or three women gathering around the trifold mirror pinching and pulling on the fabric of someone they didn’t know, offering advice and telling her to try something in a brighter shade. When it comes to fashion, women pull together!

But I also heard a lot of disparaging words. Words trapped in the gulp of a sob as they breezed by other women in the dressing room and threw clothes that did not quite fit onto the counter of the dressing room attendant.

But before you become one of these ladies running out of the dressing room in tears for the nearest inspiration wrapped chocolate, try these two things in the coming weeks instead:

1) Grab the nearest woman and give her a hug and tell her she’s beautiful. But don’t just blow smoke up her nose – show her. Make her laugh, smile and feel appreciated. Make her feel beautiful from the inside.

2) Pray with her. If you’ve never prayed arm in arm or hand in hand with one of your girlfriends before, you are missing out on a beautiful bond. When we come together in prayer and thanksgiving, God is in our midst.

God asks us to seek the well-being of others. Tune in to the women around you. What blessing can you be on them? How can you lift them up so high that they are too blinded by the light of Jesus to see the lies that surround them.?

Mother’s Day is near and an opportunity will present itself for you to do just that. Will you pray with me and ask God to show you someone special that needs lifted high? You are so very special – make sure you laugh today and pay that smile forward.


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