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A Prayer of Unity this Memorial Day

How do we say, “thank you” to the soldier in the 1780’s who fought and died for our independence from tyranny? How do we properly say, “thank you” to all soldiers who’ve died since?

I wonder if each soldier, given their unique backgrounds and experiences fought for the same types of justice back then? Are we so unique today? The flag represents so much to so many people. To some it is a symbol to burn, to others revere, but I believe it was as much a social justice and emotional issue in yesteryear as today.

It is easy to believe we are more uniquely situated in 2018 to be more justified and more divided in our social-justice-angst than those who lived before us, yet but in 2001 after 9/11, Americans of many races, religious backgrounds, and social justice causes flocked to the recruiting stations to be a part of something bigger than themselves or their causes. And I believe we felt the same disconnect as a country on December 6, 1941 yet flocked to the recruiters’ offices on December 7.

What I love about this county is that in all our disjointedness, we come together when it counts. I can only pray that it doesn’t take another attack to make it happen. This Memorial Day, will you pray with me to honor those who signed up, were drafted, or snuck in to our armed forces and obeyed, fought and died so we could have the choice decide what is right and stand fiercely for it?

I wish to join my American Brothers and Sisters – all of them – whether we fight for the same social justices or not – to remember the soldiers who died and the families who mourn them. Click on the flag above to join me in this prayer for unity.


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