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How Smashed Sunglasses Renewed My Vision and Increased My Faith via Kass Fogle

Have you ever tangled with an simple decision? Or have you thought you were bothering God with seemingly petty requests?

He delights in us and wants to give us the desires of our hearts, especially when those desires bring glory to His name.

This week, I was honored to guest post for author, Cynthia Herron. On her website I share a short story of how I asked God to take my tiny decision and use it for his glory. He turned my indecisiveness into a quick win for marriage. Satan lost again.

I hope when you are indecisive, whether about small details or life-changing moments, you will give it to God, because he can make a blessing out of your mess or your obedience, as long as you seek Him first.

Click over to my friend, Cynthia Herron's Page to read this week's post. And while you're there, be sure and sign up for her newsletter so you'll hear all about her debut novel, which will release in January, 2019.

Have a blessed week and come back next week to learn more about Author, Ada Brownell!

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