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Facebook Live Interview

Marketing myself, as a Christian believer, used to seem counter-productive. I've been called to the carpet directly, indirectly and passive-aggressively for promoting The Introverted Believer. Indeed, promoting can feel embarrassing, but as an introverted believer, I find it especially awkward.

God placed the idea of The Introverted Believer on my heart when I was pursuing something else. The Introverted Believer is about encouraging people who often believe their thoughts have little value outside of their journal entries, to boldly live out their faith in their work, their marriage and their friendships.

I've prayed on it. I've meditated on it. And I'm diving in.

God also placed this on my heart: In order to get to the few, you sometimes have to wade through the many.

So today, I put myself out there. I did a Facebook Live interview with the founder and director of Marnie Swedberg. We laughed and discussed my speaking engagement topics, as well as my work in progress, Beneath the Surface, The Introverted Believers Devotional Journal.

I had such a blast doing it, but the for the first few minutes, I couldn't stop worrying about who was watching, whether I was blowing my one and only chance at making an impression, and whether I was rambling. But after those first few minutes, I remembered my prayer - just You and me, God. You and me.

Please take a moment to view the video on Facebook and leave a comment on what you can relate to most. It blesses me to know you feel you are not alone.

Fellow introverts, friends, and family - may God bless you today and always.

Until next week.


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