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How to Love an Introvert on Valentine's Day

Updated: Feb 4

Cards, Chocolate and flowers may not be all their cracked up to be. Or are they?

Valentine's Day, once a celebrated religious feast, has transitioned to a few hours of attention making up for the lack thereof the rest of the year.

But that's just the practical, matter-of-fact ISTJ in me.

According to the Introduction to Myers-Briggs Type, The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® is "a self-report questionnaire designed to make Carl Jung's theory of personality types understandable and useful in every day life.

After the assessment, you'll learn whether you are:

An Introvert, or an Extrovert

A Sensor or an Intuitive

A Thinker or a Feeler

A Judger or a Perceiver

Each combination comes with their own unique set of characteristics and offers to explain ways these characteristics help us shine and explore ways they may challenge our success.

Today, I'm breaking out of my serious and traditional side and presenting some fun ways each MB Introvert Type likes to be loved on Valentine's Day.

Before I begin, let's get one thing right: chocolate or extravagant desserts are always a good idea.

ISTJ - Present the ISTJ with a new organizer tray for their junk drawer, a cube of sticky-notes, or anything unique from the office supply store. Repeat any traditions you have for the holiday, but don't change up the daily routine too much. The ISTJ will appreciate a new coffee mug with a cheeky quote over flowers. If you actually get to leave the house for a date, a written agenda to review before leaving might very well be a turn on.

ISFJ - Let them know how well they have loved you this past year by rewarding them with a well-planned day date. Leave no detail behind, but surprise them with a few subtleties to notice on their own. For example, wear cologne or perfume that commemorates your first date, wear their favorite color, get the car immaculate before your date. Let them notice your efforts rather than announcing what a good date you are.

INFJ - Take them on a scavenger hunt you have prepared in advance. Let them find gifts unique to your relationship. Consider planning a volunteer activity to round out your date.

INTJ - Plan a theme date away from the crowds. Give them puzzles and brainteasers you've created online (dozens of sites for that) and give them a small gift each time they complete one. Each gift should be another clue to solving the ultimate puzzle and guessing the theme for your date.

ISTP - Both flexible AND organized, the ISTP can be tough to please. Consider making reservations at an escape room that will appeal to their desire to draw conclusions from a data set. There are a variety of scripts, scenarios and problems to solve. During dinner following your escape, get them talking about how they processed all of the clues and solved the final puzzle that led to a successful escape.

ISFP - Do not rush this date. Give them time to process each moment. Try a traveling meal. Visit a different restaurant for each course so they can savor the flavors of each meal. Start out with pub style appetizers, then move on to their favorite restaurant for the main course, and finally, treat them to a family bakery for dessert.

INFP - Plan a date that helps them see the potential everywhere you go. Grab a picnic, a decent camera or even your phone, and a pair of dice. Get in the car and roll the dice. Odd numbers, turn right, even numbers, turn left. Set the timer for five, ten or fifteen minutes (mix it up!), then roll the dice again. Take the time to appreciate your surroundings and memorialize the date with lots of pictures.

INTP- Similar to the ISFP date, visit a different restaurant for each course. Appeal to their critical and insightful nature by creating a critique card ahead of time, making room for comments using all their senses. Share your critiques over the next course and repeat. If you dare, write a blog or article and submit your experience to your local newspaper.

What do you think? Did I get close? What does YOUR perfect date with your Valentine look like? Drop a comment below and let me know the perfect way your valentine can love you as an introvert.

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