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Loving My Zone

The Friend Zone. The Twilight Zone. The Danger Zone. The Comfort Zone. Parameters exist to keep us from making mistakes, behaving foolishly, or taking unnecessary risks.

Introverts are excellent at zoning their life to keep things neat and orderly.

I once had so many zones, I'm pretty sure an invisible pack of border collies existed to herd me from to one zone or another.

In the corporate world, I pushed past any comfort zone I had (which was thin and loosely defined), that nothing became uncomfortable. I was determined, driven, and could do anything.

Until I couldn't.

I didn't fail, though some would disagree, and lost my job as a result. What I did fail to do was recognize that I did not succeeded at being comfortable. Life was one big challenge and I was designed not just to meet it, but conquer it and move on to the next obstacle. Life was a series of problems that needed fixed, results that needed driven, and improvements that must be made continuously.

Being comfortable meant underachieving, but when I lost my job, I suddenly found myself very uncomfortable was humbled by the serenity and solitude of my days. Instead of of boredom, I found productivity. Instead of losing time, I found efficiency. It was during my time of unemployment I learned I was introverted and what it had meant to my career.

I once read that in a world of "Go Big or Go Home," Introverts quip that society seriously underestimates the power of staying home.

I couldn't have agreed more. Welcome to The Comfort Zone.

On this journey to find how an Introvert lives inside a Type A, Dominant personality like mine, I've had to explore whether Going BIG, Thinking Outside the Box, and Stepping Outside the Comfort Zone are all they're cracked up to be.

As an Introverted Believer, I'm praying about whether it's where God wants me to be.

I'd spent a large portion of my energy outside all the zones, pushing myself to do more and be more. And I'm exhausted.

I had to stop and ask myself why I was fighting to reach the top of every mountain in every moment in my life instead of remembering the talent God created me for and then intentionally, purposefully, and prayerfully owning, loving and living it.

There's something to be said for acknowledging a God-Giving talent and then rocking it. It can be engaging and satisfying to learn lots of new things and go outside all the zones, but when our "get-to's" become "have-to's", we are no longer stretching our physical, mental, and emotional muscles, we are exhausting them. And where is that getting us?

I'm not a quitter, I'm simply discerning for this period in my life that I don't have to exist inside the societal expectations of success. It's okay to reel it in, pause, rest, reflect and say, "no."

I'm perfectly content with the quiet and no longer deflect anxiety with busyness.

As a result, my blood pressure is down, I sleep like bear in hibernation, my focus has improved and I've found that my comfort zone is actually where the magic happens.

There are no regrets for all the years I pushed myself, but I appreciate being comfortable inside my comfort zone.

What about you? Have you conquered all the zones, only to find out you still have your comfort zone left to pursue? What is it about being comfortable that makes us uncomfortable? Drop a comment below and engage in the conversation!

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