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Your Introvert Vacation Guide

Vacation planning often caters to couples and families. If a big family vaca isn't on the list of an Introvert's Top Ten Things to do This Summer, then stay tuned, because I've found a few spots and activities you'll be aching to try.

Thanks to, I've gathered a few spots to provide solitude, serenity, and peace.

Texas - From breathtaking views at Big Bend National Park to enjoying an overnight stay at Riding River Ranch, this link lists the ten best places in Texas for people who hate crowds.

North Carolina - Want to rent your own cozy beach shack? Try Carova Beach in the Outer Banks. You won't be alone, but the people you run into will be in search of the same escape from reality. People from all walks of life escape the daily grind on Carova Beach in search of a more laid back break.

Pennsylvania - Water is soothing and hits your senses, bringing relief to tired muscles and brains alike. There are plenty of water spots on this list, specifically in Pittsburgh, you'll not want to miss.

Maybe destination isn't the goal this year, but experience. Here are the best getaways in your state for:

Taco Trail! Grab your best bud, gas up the vehicle and take a weekend tasting the best tacos in your state.

Ice Cream! From the classic, hand-dipped flavors to crazy combinations, all you need is your tank top, flip flops and the hottest day of the year and you've got a winning combo for a weekend ice cream extravaganza!

Donuts! Who knew that donut purists existed? Find out the history and settle the debate between cake vs. yeast donuts, build your own donut and maybe even try a a donut burger!

Waterfalls! Bring your bathing suit and leave your inhibitions at home. Pack the bug spray and good hiking shoes because you won't want to miss some of the most beautiful waterfalls in your state.

Books, Books, Books! Looking for old, new, hidden, charming or massive? Check out these book gems in your state.

One last plug for my home state:

Illinois - The Shawnee Wine Trail in Southern Illinois provides breathtaking views at Garden of the Gods, spectacular morel mushroom hunting, authentic German cuisine, and superb wine. Wine in a cave, wine in a barn, wine in a French villa. The Southern Illinois Wine trail will cater to any taste you have. And whether you go it alone or with your best friend, there are cabins to suite any taste and budget.

Tell me about your state! Are you willing to share the hidden gems in your state for a little getaway?

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