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What's an Introvert to Wear this Halloween?

Halloween Costumes. Let's face it, Introverts dread costume parties more than the company Christmas Party. Am I right? Or maybe they are the ideal way to hide in a crowd. Hmmm...

I get excited when I think about dressing up for a custume party. Transforming into something I'm not feels adventurous. And yes, ISTJ's have an adventure bone. It's our pinky toe, but it's there.

Costume parties also challenge my creativity and allow me to get lost in thought about the delicious details that form the perfect outfit.

While you can think of more enjoyable ways to spend two or more hours of your weekend, some parties cannot be avoided. Maybe our parents or siblings need our help, or the customer or client insists you join the Happy Hour costume contest. It could be your best friend cashes in on that favor you promised. Hey, maybe you're even choosing to go and let loose for a while.

Whatever the case, here are some costume ideas for all the Introverts venturing out this Halloween. Some of them are silly, some will help trigger conversation, and some, admittedly, will make you roll your eyes.

With the help of my friends at 16Personalities, here they are by type:

ISTJ - Because facts are important and decisions are made with reasoning and organization, think of ways to dress up as a crossword puzzle, Calendar, or To Do list.

INTJ - THE rarest introvert type, especially among women. Try finding the costume jewelry version of The Hope Diamond. OR, because you like to filter everything, dress up like a coffee filter, furnace filter or car filter.

INFJ - "Helping others is your purpose in life," according to 16Personalities. This one's easy - dress up like an angel or nun.

INTP - Because INTP's "have been responsible for many scientific discoveries," you may want to dress up like a professor, a scientist, or astronaut.

INFP - You always see the good in people and are always working to make things better. You are guided by your own principles, not the consequences you may face. You'll want to dress in something that always brings a smile, like a big smiley face, a flower, balloons, a peace sign, a dove, etc.

ISFJ - You are like two halves, always seeing the pros and cons from all perspectives. If you were Halloween candy, you'd be a KitKat bar. (How many people started signing the jingle???) This enables ISFJ's to show empathy in most situations and will act altruistically in response. Your best bet? A nurse. Try looking at uniforms from different eras, wartime, nations, etc. to be unique. You'll need to get creative. Searching the internet for "nurse costume," may not get you exactly what you were looking for...

ISTP - You love exploring with your hands and eyes. You are the ultimate 'sensor.' Your experiences are most affected by your senses. Try choosing costumes that reflect working with your hands, eyes, tastes, sounds...a construction worker, artist, chef, are a few examples.

ISFP - You rebel you. You don't want to be boxed in to others' ideas of you. You are inspired by your connections with people and their ideas. You love to interpret and reinterpret the environment you're in based on its changing elements. You can dress in any way that is considered free expression. A hippie certainly comes to mind.

I'd love to hear what YOU will be for Halloween if you're dressing up as your Introvert type. Let us know in the comments!

Not sure what Introvert type you are? Find out at 16Personalities!

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