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3 Introvert Problems

I've had some pretty heavy topics in recent articles and thought I'd start including some Introvert Moments and Introvert Problems periodically, just to keep it light. This is the first installment.

Below are three introvert moments from the last few weeks. Drop a comment below if you've had an introvert moment this week!

I'm serious - I really don't want to go

I was sent an invitation from work colleagues to attend an after hours event. I politely declined by using the the "Decline, do not send response," so as not to clog up the organizer's email.

Then I got another invitation. Then another. I finally asked if my responses were not coming through and the reply was, "yes, but since everyone is going, I thought you would feel left out if you didn't come."

This is super thoughtful, but I had to explain that while I always want to be invited, if I decline, it doesn't mean I want talked into acceptance. I am actually declining the invitation.

It also doesn't mean I don't like you or that your event doesn't sound like fun. It means I am declining and honestly, I don't need to explain why I'm not attending.

Yes, I love God, I just wasn't at church

Sometimes I am sick. Sometimes I'm out of town. Sometimes I've overslept. Sometimes I like to do 'cowboy' church. And sometimes, it's nunya (short for none of your business, around my house). And sometimes my "sometimes's" are consecutive.

I still love God and I still love His Church, but if I miss church, the reason is between God and me. I want and expect to be held to biblical worship practices, but if I feel interrogated, the walls go up. I'm not likely to respond if called out as a heathen for missing two Sundays in a row.

It's a trait, not a jail cell

I learned not to lock myself into the four walls of an I-S-T-J. I also learned not to let anyone else lock me in to their version either.

As the conference director for The Introverted Believer Conference, I've been asked if I was serious or even if I understood the concept of being introverted. But this week was different. I've experience downright cruelty - over a conference. I've been bullied and called narcissistic, ridiculous and a host of other descriptors.

My conference is for introverts who believe there is a lot to learn about how we can collaborate, lead, follow, worship, and love as introverts in a world that celebrates group-think. My conference is for those who believe there is room for learning, even if it might be draining.

But it's not for everyone. And that's okay, because I don't want to lock anyone else into my version of introversion either. I believe introversion falls within a spectrum and there is room for all of us.

I promise, in my room, you'll have love. Even if I have a hard time showing it.

Have you had introverted moments this week? I'd love to hear YOUR story. Drop a comment below. All of January 2020 comments will be entered to win a $10 Amazon gift card. ↓↓


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