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4 Ways to Help Your Young Adult Fly From the Nest

One thing this dreaded Corona Virus is not delaying is growth of our children. Whether your child is moving out this year or graduating high school, parents still have time to pass along some important life lessons.

In this episode, I discuss 4 ways we can promote a healthy flight for kids leaving the safety net of all they know.

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While I can tell you story after story about each of my children's experiences, only they truly know how those experiences made their grow or left them at risk for future temptations.

So let's talk growth. How can we help?

Set Expectations

While this may seem like a big NO BRAINER, there is one very important question we should ask ourselves to make sure setting expectations leads to growth and not rebellion.

Give Feedback

They want to be treated like adults, but are not ready for the financial, spiritual, or emotional responsibility that comes along with that. Even if they are mature for their age, they do not have the benefit of time on their sides.

Listen to why we should be their, "NO" and the one thing I recommend NOT doing at this tender time in their lives.

Memorialize Traditions

At this age (around 17-22), they're trying to decide how they fit into the family dynamic as they possibly consider starting their own. EVEN if they are young, they are visualizing their future and thinking of themselves as mothers, fathers, wives and husbands. I share a conversation I had with my son about the traditions he would take with him, which he would stop and which he might start on his own. You might be surprised by what you hear if you ask your young adult the same questions.

Model Personal Growth

What values is your young adult living by? Be careful about making assumptions here...have they written out the 3-5 values they will take with them that will help them make meaningful decisions? You can contribute to the personal growth of your child so meaningfully if you coach them toward choosing personal values and how to make daily choices and major life decisions based on those.

Now, let me ask - do YOU have those 3-5 values that you use? Has your child seen you use those values or heard you discuss those values when choosing a new job, buying a house, choosing how to worship, deciding where to volunteer your time or financial resources? Modeling this behavior out loud and letting them shadow the process of these decisions can go a long way to building their decision-making confidence.

That's it! They're ready to leave the nest.

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