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Episode 05: Nail That Interview

While there are a ton of benefits to being an introvert, interviews can be like dying by a thousands cuts for us.

One of my responsibilities as a Human Resources Manager is to find hard-working, sharp, emotionally intelligent, and savvy folks who care about their coworkers.

No problem.

Except I run into the same mild frustrations that all recruiters face. I’m aghast at the number of ghosting candidates, appalled by outdated resumes and those who knowingly submit them, shocked by answers that lack accountability, and downright dumbfounded by applicants who cannot follow simple directions.

It would seem those who have those basics of the job hunt nailed down would be fiercely adept at the job interview, but even that is not always the case. Too often the bravado of a power handshake or the silky smoothness of personal branding misses the mark for interviewers looking for authenticity and intellect.  Enter the introvert’s superpowers.

Introverts have GREAT attributes and competencies to offer and I offer 4 tips to help you land that dream job. Click on the image to listen to Episode 05: Nail That Interview:


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