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How Professional Marriage Coaching Can Support Your Marriage

Life and Marriage Coaching. What is it and how do we use it from a Biblical Perspective?

Coaching differs from counseling in that counseling seeks to identify and resolve the past. Coaching, however, focuses on visualizing and assuming a positive outcome.

Despite the encouragement coaching can provide, I still speak to Christian women who hesitate to engage in life or marriage coaching. They're afraid there's some sort of mysticism or self-help approach just to feel better. As if a little self-care or soul-care somehow vanquishes the importance of the Cross.

As if.

Today I talk with Joyce Zook, a Board Certified Advanced Christian Life and Marriage Coach who helps frustrated Christian women get back on track in their marriage.

Yep, that's right. Christian Women get frustrated. And perturbed. And desperate. We roll our eyes with the best GIF'S the internet has to offer. But we know where the power and source of our marriage's redemption lies and we go after it hard.

Enter Joyce. She helps us frustrated women build a life of love we can truly treasure. She helps women love their lives and their marriages through marriage and life coaching.

Today, she talks to us about marriages between introverts and extroverts and what it's like to work through some of those strange (and frustrating) challenges so we don't feel overwhelmed. She shows us how we honor God through our gifts and talents and how to appreciate our differences.

Are you an introvert married to an extrovert? Or just feel your personality may be clashing with your spouse's? Let's see what Joyce has to say about learning to love your best life.

Listen to episode 13

You can find Joyce on her website at

Joyce Zook is an award-winning author, international speaker, Board Certified Advanced Christian Life and Marriage Coach. She is a weekly video blogger and the author of 12 Keys for Marriage Success, Priorities for Life, and God and Your Closet. Joyce speaks, teaches, and coaches women to love their lives and their marriages while creating success and balance. In the last twenty years, her ministry has grown with the help of the internet, telephones, and video conferences to reach people across the United States and in foreign countries. 


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