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To Be or Not to Be...A 2020 Wedding

In this episode, I talk with special guests from A Wedding Podcast about tips, encouragement and advice to help brides get through planning their wedding in 2020.

Weddings intended for the Spring or Summer of 2020 are on hold…or even cancelled until further notice.

With spring high school and collegiate sports ripped from the young men and women who’ve trained their entire lives for that final walk across the filed, court, and stage, and with proms, graduations, and pro sports cancelled, people are feeling cheated and robbed of some of life’s most captured moments. Few of these compare with the cancellation or postponement of a wedding.

Many brides start planning their wedding from the first time they see a wedding dress in the JC Penney Catalog (showing my age). Brides have binders, project management software and websites to organize their day. Few things require the time, energy and money that a wedding provides.

In this episode of The Introverted Believer Podcast, I talk to Katie Koester + Steffen Harris of Katie + Steffen: A Wedding Podcast.

They help me understand what the wedding industry looks like right now and offer some encouragement to those brides and grooms (and families!) needing a little extra love right now.

Listen Now.

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