Round Robin Stories

Thank you for stopping by the Round Robin page!

Sponsoring Round Robin Storytelling helps me do two things:

1)      Encourage and support other writers,

2)      Sharpen the craft of writing and editing, by working together as a community of writers


What is round robin storytelling? In short, round robin storytelling has many authors taking a piece or chapter of a story, building off previously written pieces.

Thinking about participating?  Here are some rules of engagement:

1)      You must be subscribed to my page to contribute.

2)      Stories are told from a contemporary Christian genre.

3)      Total word count will depend on how many contributors sign up.

4)      This is for fun.  There are no awards, no money – I am simply clapping for you in the background!

5)      By submitting your chapter or assigned word count, you are giving me permission to publish it on my blog.

6)      You absolutely do not have to have any experience writing.  One of the purposes of this blog is to provide writers the opportunity to write.  We will embrace different styles and encourage each other in our writing.


The Round Robin will go something like this:

Let’s say 7 people sign up and I give them each a 350-word count (now that is tight writing!).  Contributors will be assigned “chapters” in the order in which they signed up.  I will give all the contributors the main theme and then instruct Contributor #1 in their writing goals.  Each writer will have no more than 4 calendar days to produce their chapter before I turn it over to the next contributor with their own writing goal. When the story is finished, I will publish it on my blog.


Sound like fun?  Let’s get started!  Subscribe to my page (Orange box below) and complete the entry form below to let me know you are interested.  The deadline for the first Round Robin is January 13th, so sign up soon! 


If you have any questions, please contact me at with “Round Robin” in the subject line.


Happy Writing!