Bright, Shiny People

Focus Scripture: Acts 13:47

Lunch. When my husband and I pack our lunches every day, monotony sets in. And with ravenous teenagers, one who is seemingly always “bulking up” for football, leftovers don’t exist to help spice up the lunchtime menu.

Once, I thought I’d get clever and make sandwiches using a variety of breads, spreads, veggies, meats and lettuces. I grilled, toasted, baked and deconstructed sandwiches to incorporate a bit of variety to our lunchtime fare.

But one day, my husband told me, “not that I don’t appreciate what you are doing, but it is still just a sandwich”.

It has been some time ago that he said this but for some reason, my mind keeps pulling this memory into the present. I think about what he was trying to tell me: Flat meat is flat meat, no matter how you dress it up. If it looks like a sandwich and tastes like a sandwich….

And like that sandwich, sometimes we can get dressed up as Bright, Shiny Christians but forget to project some of that shine on others. We are still just plain, old Christians, forgetting light of Jesus is meant to share with others.

In not doing so, we are taking away a blessing that God might have in store for them. Are we ignoring the bright, shiny non-believer when God may have only just begun His work in them? Aren’t we meant to shine a light as a body of Christ? We are one member of an entire body, meant to work together to bring others to Christ!

And he blesses us so we can bless others. All Others. The bright, shiny Christians, flawed Christians, bright, shiny non-believers and flawed non-believers as well.

And we only need to ask him as he sets all things in motion:

Proverbs 16:4

The Lord has made everything for its purpose, even the wicked for the day of trouble.

Shame on me for forgetting that love does not exist just in a Christian bubble, but in the midst of unbelief and the unknown.

Because God’s plan for them is not just kindness for the sake of kindness, but to show kindness out of worship of HIM. Shame on me for forgetting the basics: hope, forgiveness, salvation, LOVE.

Bright, shiny people, Christian and not, are everywhere and we tend to pass them by because they are not hurting in outward appearance. We have to start digging deeper, behind the polish and shine. We have to get to know people on a deeper level because we understand that the pursuit of happiness is not in any of those wonderful relationships, but in Jesus.

Because we want their Bright, Shininess to be a reflection of Jesus.

Jesus doesn’t ask us convince others they are wrong or that their values have no root or throw Jesus at them every time they show us their flaws. He calls us to offer them the hope of salvation through Jesus.

Look at Acts 13:47:

And Mark 16:15

And He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to every creature."

These verses make no distinction between those who are troubled and downcast and those who live as though they have all the answers and don’t need a higher power guiding their every move. We are called to the ends of the earth.

Please pray this prayer with me over the next few days and weeks:

Precious Heavenly Father, will you please show me people who are bright and shiny on the surface but deep down are looking for a message of hope? And will you provide me the wisdom to recognize them and discernment of their situation? Will you only place on my tongue words of peace, love and biblical truths and remove any hint of shine and polish I might be tempted to add? Will you whisper in their ear and invade their dreams so they will know I’m coming? I pray over this new relationship, Lord, that it would be blessed by your hand and that the message of salvation will wash over them. I thank you for your son Jesus who gets all the glory! AMEN!!!

Will you prayerfully consider asking God to show you people who are bright and shiny on the surface but deep down, need hope outside themselves?

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