Not So Special After All

Focus Scripture Psalm 46:10

Be still and know that I am God; I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!

Which generation has suffered the most angst? Has there ever been a generation who didn’t think their world was doomed from the effects of war, economic disparity or political division?

And each generation produces folks who protest and others who counter-protest for causes deeply meaningful to them. Some hide in fear of persecution. And still others shy away in ignorance because they aren’t sure where to turn for the facts. Or rather, are not sure whether what they hear and read are real facts, alleged facts, or close enough to fact to at least make a hypothetical deduction. We debate, discuss, disagree and argue, oftentimes without the benefit of context, facts (real or otherwise) or an academic knowledge of what we argue for.

Witnessing the rising tension is unavoidable if you participate in social media, read a newspaper, listen to the radio or watch the television.

It can be tempting to respond to social media posts meant to bait us into commenting in one hundred and forty characters or less (now 280!). Or, a full-length novel on other media. I do not respond to these but honestly, I do find myself drawn to reading some of the responses.

Responses range from opinion and more conjecture based on non-fact, attacks, assumptions, name-calling, and more bait and hook. But those aren’t the responses that get me.

The responses that have me thinking are those of other believers. People I see on the street, see at church, follow on social media or listen to on the radio. I see judgement hurled and the name of Jesus thrown in people’s face as a condemnation rather than in love.

I feel compelled to cleanse my soul of such social uprising.

I believe this generation thinks we are something special, that we have more social injustices, more hate-driven actions, but each generation has suffered their enemies and created a great divide among themselves, making more enemies out of the very people who should be coming to their rescue to fight it off.

I see mutual exclusivity of beliefs; that something is either inherently right or inherently wrong, which for many bible believe folks, it often stops there. BUT, even a few of those who use their bible as their litmus test for social morality still bend the meaning to fit the context. One trusted biblical advisor follows one path and another trusted biblical advisor follows another. It is confusing at best and morally divisive at its worst.

With so many blogs, memes, articles, slideshows, podcasts and radio spots, how do we know what we are really contending with? How can we be sure we have sided with the correct point of view that most closely relates to the biblical point of view, without the benefit of a seminary degree?

Actually, God makes it pretty easy for us:

2 Timothy 3:16, 17

All scripture is given by inspiration of God and is profitable for doctrine, reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, that the man of God may be complete, thoroughly equipped for every good work.

It is good to check your studies against the examples and encouragement of others. Social Media makes that easy for us. But it can also lead us astray. We must check ourselves and what we learn from others against the word of God.

Put down your phone, put your computers to sleep and open the word of God. I really encourage you to get the bound book off the shelves and use it for your study time. Pray and ask God for wisdom in what you read. Let God speak to you through His words and the power of the Holy Spirit transform your heart.

As we study his word and respond obediently, it is then that our God will be exalted. Not when we one-up another Christian with emotional, flippant and patronizing responses. Not with flowery words and beautiful pictures. Not with a three-step application of principles – but a genuine, holy-sprit inspired response to God speaking to us through the scriptures. This will exalt Him through each generation.

So Be Still and know that He is God.

Kass Fogle is a Contemporary Christian Author, Speaker and Blogger who lives with her husband and two teenaged children in South-Central Illinois. She is working on her first novel, Ruth's Garden and when she is not working the day job you can find her at the local coffee house writing, or at home baking, hanging out with family or causing trouble with her tight group of girlfriends. Kass is also a raging Football Mom.

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Kass Fogle is an Introvert with a side dish of social anxiety. She is an award winning Contemporary Christian Author, Speaker and Blogger who lives with her husband and two children in South-Central Illinois.  Her first novel, Ruth's Garden is complete and she is working on a devotional journal dedicated to Introverts. You can usually find Kass at the local coffee house writing, at home baking, hanging out with family or causing trouble with her tight group of girlfriends. 


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