Are We Witnesses or Salesmen?

Are We Witnesses or Salesmen?

Have you ever been sold something you didn’t really need because you trusted the person’s expertise to do what was right for you? I’m not talking about buyer’s remorse but being taken advantage of.

I can think of a few times when someone in a trusted position chose to sell rather than care.

One example is when my daughter had recently “graduated” from Kindergarten I was told she needed a retainer and later braces on her baby teeth because they would help her adult teeth come in straighter. When I asked to see X-Rays of just how crooked her teeth were coming in, the dentist recoiled and said it would be better to compare them to next years’ X-rays before making a decision.

Instead of caring for my daughter, he was selling.

It doesn’t feel good to be sold to instead of cared for by a person in a position of trust, does it?

I hope as Christians we don’t do it to the non-believer or when we encourage each other as believers.

But sometimes I see it. And I wonder if I am guilty of it myself at times. Instead of being cared for in a deep and genuine way, I wonder if people feel like they’re being sold the premium Jesus package for the low, low price of 10% of wages, if they’d only jump on the bandwagon.

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

(Anyone remember the old ads?)

Showing others just how much people mean to us and to Jesus should be a simple lesson of faith and love. Jesus commissions us to baptize ‘disciples of all nations’ and teach them ‘everything’ he has taught and commanded us.

"Everything" is a lot at one time for new believers to take in, and I think sometimes we try to package it all into a program-ized, one-size-fits-all way. And often times these are great programs, but we leave it there. We expect the Program to do all the work. So, how else do we show care in the name of Jesus, rather than sell people on Him? Follow his example!

We can pray for people - Jesus went off to pray throughout his ministry. We are taught to Pray without ceasing. When you’re on social media, don’t just comment, “Prayers.” Quiet yourself, lift up the name of Jesus and pray that he intercedes for their needs. Send a private message to that person checking up on them after a couple of days and ask how more specifically you can pray for them.

Help financially – If someone you know well is struggling, writing a check helps, but consider setting up a spreadsheet and reviewing a budget with them. If you are close friends, consider walking through the sacrifices of a new and improved budget, with them. Commit, whether you need to or not, to the kind of sacrificial spending required to get your friend back on track, even if only for a month, to show, not just sell the monetary principals of the bible.

Mourn and grieve loss - “Jesus Wept.” (John 11:35) While we cannot raise people from the dead, we can show empathy and grief. Jesus mourned the loss of his friend. He mourned with the sisters. He didn’t stumble over empty phrases like, “sorry for your loss,” he simply grieved. He showed love. He didn’t sell an easy fix for getting over loss or offer platitudes or worry about the price of flowers he sent. He grieved and he tended to their needs.

There are dozens more examples in the bible of the ways that Jesus showed his love. He saw a need and he served. He didn’t ask their religion, political affiliation or social justice opinions first. He just served. I have to stop and ask myself how I can better show others in a deeper and more genuine way. It is my prayer this week and next and I hope you will join me. As you pray and walk with Jesus this week, will you ask Him to place someone in your path who needs to be shown the gospel message in a way that only you can show them?

Let the glory of God be experienced by you this week. You are amazing and others need to not just hear your message but experience the gospel through you. Go and make disciples!

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