Let Go This Autumn

“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let dead things go.” Anonymous

Greetings Introverts! I’m an extrovert and I find it amusing to be guest posting on a blog focused on a group of people who function at the opposite end of the personality spectrum than myself. While you are processing alone, I’m searching for someone to process with. While the constant chatter and forced interaction at a party makes you count the minutes until you can escape, I’m heading to the middle of the room and soaking it all in. While you’re sitting and reflecting, I’m filling every moment with activity. We are opposites yet we are the same. We are all busy.

One of the topics that I love to write about is how to enjoy an unhurried life. I am the self-proclaimed EX Queen of busy. I’m a mother of 5, grandmother and 24-year homeschooling veteran. I was busy. My life felt out of control and I cried out to God in desperation to please help my life slow down.

Seven years ago, the boat began to turn, but it was a slow process. I now truly enjoy an unhurried life, that is until a month ago. Something happened and my nice, quiet, leisurely life now feels like a run-away train. I’m not sure if it happened all at once or if I’m like the unfortunate frog that sat in a pot of water. The temperature of the water was slowly turned up and the frog never realized, until it was too late… frog legs!

Our lives are full of necessary obligations along with plenty of dead weight. Our calendars are so full, we’re dragging the excess weight around like a bag of dead bones. We were not called to be crypt keepers. It’s time to shed the dead things. Follow the example of the autumn trees.

To avoid burnout and the crypt keeper syndrome, be sure to regularly prioritize. Not every activity, person or request deserves a spot on your calendar. As introverts, unlike myself, you most likely need extra time for alone-processing-time. What are your priorities? Who deserves your time? I hope you put your name of the list along with God’s and your family.

Recently my twin daughters were feeling guilty because they had not made time to mentor younger girls or plan a game night with friends. I pointed out that we hadn’t had time to make a meal at home in a week and had not spent any time with the Lord. Priorities!

Everything has value. We must gauge and rate that value. Some things have more value than others. Time with Jesus ranks on top. Sanity is pretty high up there. A peaceful home, time to process, time to love those closest to us are all high on the list. It’s up to you to decide what doesn’t rate as high.

Be bold, be brave. Start deleting things from your schedule that are drains on your time and your emotions.

God created seasons. In nature, seasons last four months. We tend to say, “Oh, I’m just in a busy season.” You’re not following God’s example if your busy season has been going on for four years instead of four months.

Busyness steals from our lives. It steals our peace. It steals our family time, our relationships with Jesus and our relationships with others. It keeps us from pursuing our dreams. It affects our marriages and our health.

You are the keeper of the calendar. Today, you can choose to let something go. For me, I let some things creep in that I need to delete. It’s easy to add things to our lives without counting the cost. Each activity on our calendar should line-up with God’s purpose for our lives or our family and personal goals.

The switch in seasons is the perfect time to switch your season of life. Exit your season of being overwhelmed. Discover how lovely it is to let dead things go.

About Debra Spence: At one time I was an overwhelmed, over-committed, homeschooling mother of five children. I thought I had to do it ALL. My life was crazy and I was stressed most of the time. For the past seven years I have purposely and intentionally made changes to the way I live. Now I truly enjoy an unhurried life.

With my twin daughters living at home for only one more year, I take every opportunity to enjoy our precious time together. My husband of 35 years and I live a semi-country life in America’s Midwest. We have five children, two daughters-in-law, one granddaughter, and one grandson.

My purpose in sharing with you is to help you find a touch of peace in this crazy world. I hope I can share some hope and even a bit of loveliness. Life is too valuable to just speed through it.I'm also a children's picture book author. Stay in touch for the BIG announcement of Titles and release dates.You can always find me on The Breezy Porch enjoying this new season’s simple pleasures.

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