Go Boldly to the Throne For Your Marriage

Marriage is hard! I don't know about you, but too often, I have to look the person I love most in the eye and say, "I'm sorry, I was a jerk. I'm selfish."

And if you know me at all, that kind of 'softness' is not easy for me.

All the huffin' and puffin' around the house will not get me anywhere with my husband. In fact, he finds my tantrums entertaining and is quite unaffected. I eventually calm down, come boldly to him and explain where I am emotionally. All the while, he's there waiting, knowing the process I'll go through only to end up soaking in in his love. He is a patient man after all.

Jesus, being tempted in the desert knows the confessions we hold in our hearts. He has felt the pain and weight of our trials and sin and can therefore sympathize with our weakness (Hebrews 4:15) We can let Him in on the deepest, darkest thoughts and feelings that make us crazy. We can share how exasperated and frustrated we are in our marriage. There are no hidden thoughts, or feelings that are unknown to Him. I picture Him, waiting with bated breath, for us to say aloud what is pounding on the surface of our souls:

"God, I'm not attracted to my spouse anymore."

"God, I don't look forward to intimacy!"

"God, we haven't had meaningful conversation in years."

"God, I wish it were someone else, can I just start over?"

"God, please stop the abuse I endure."

"God, he's so perfect and I am not. I'm not. I hate being the sinner in this relationship."

"God, he's a mess and I'm not his mamma! Show me how to be a wife."

"God, he doesn't even see me anymore. I'm so tired of small talk."

There are any number of scenarios that make marriages feel hopeless. Addictions, adultery, gluttony, pride, and other divisive behaviors come boldly knocking on the door of your marriage. Whether it is already fractured or your swooning in the honeymoon phase, bold sin calls for bold prayers.

And God is waiting.

  • He is waiting while you process it, trying to work out all the scenarios on your own, because you'll give the rest to him as soon as you work out little bits.

  • He's waiting while you try to assign all the blame to yourself because you think that's what "remove the plank from your own eye" means.

  • He's waiting while you give it over to a Godly friend who tries to help but gets lost in the real meaning of wise counsel.

He gets you, introvert. He gets that you want to draw it in and make sense of it. He gets that your pride won't let you give Him the problem until you've cut away what you deem superfluous.

He gets you - and he's waiting:

Hebrews 4:16 Let us therefore come boldly to the throne of grace, that we may obtain mercy and find grace to help in time of need.

Come to Him boldly with assurance that our mighty Lord will do great things. He can take your mess and bless it and turn it for good if you let Him. Bold problems need bold solutions.

There is no hidden sin. He has grace and mercy ready to deliver. We must step up and ask for it.

Jesus passes on to us what he learned in the desert so that we might boldly proclaim the grace and mercy he suffered and died for, in order that we might pass it on someday to others who suffer after us.

Boldly approach, boldly receive, so you can boldly give.

I pray over your marriage today. I want to pray for your specific hurts as well. You can email me anytime with your prayer requests - I would be honored to go boldly to the throne and lift up your name.

Want to read more? Join my contact list so we can keep in touch. You can subscribe below or click here for the home page. God Bless and have a Happy Thanksgiving.

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