otherwise known as storytelling

Speaking engagements are just another form of storytelling.   And who doesn't love a great story?  It is my job to share the mercy, grace and love of Jesus Christ through written and spoken storytelling and I take this job VERY seriously.

Until I don't.

See, storytelling can be fun too!  It should be fun.  I don't think Jesus was a humorless guy.  He was filled with joy and I'll just bet he had a good time sharing it.

You can choose from several topics and we will work together to customize to your theme. 

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A blessing is not just what happens when the person in front of you in the drive-thru pays for your skinny mocha latte.  A blessing is having our hearts filled with the grace and mercy of God through Jesus. 

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Whenever we are feeling cheap or worthless, we have to remember the price that was paid for us.  Rooted in Ephesians 1:7, we get a little uncomfortable and vulnerable with ourselves in order to grow closer to our redeemer.

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Good Enough

God doesn't want us to commit to a lifetime of lazy worship, but our constant worry over the perfectness of our Christian-ness is just as displeasing.  Based on Ephesians 2:8-9, I share how I saw the purest growth come from the rawest experiences.

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Meetings Made Easy

Perfect for a lunch and learn or short workshop, learn meeting techniques to keep grounded on what's important.

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Mission, Vision & Values

Whoever said these were marketing fluff hasn't put them to use in their quarterly or annual masterplanning. Make the most of your time and talents with this foundational course, webinar, or one on one intensive.

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VIP Days

In addition to being an author, I operate Vim & Vigor Business Operations Consulting. I help authors and established small business owners strategically plan their work to help increase visibility, generate revenue, and Identify areas for increased efficiency so they can focus on the creative side of their work.


Sharing Faith

Based on Ephesians 2:8-9, this is a short (20-30 minutes) topic with a teen focus.  I encourage the audience to not let their fear of the unknown hinder their obligation to discipleship.


Renewing the Mind

Romans 12:2 - I explore the tough topic of getting out of your head enough to make room for what God has planned: love through grace, growth and giving.  We can customize this to dig deep and reach some hurting places or keep it a bit lighter, yet meaningful. Great for all general audiences.


Marital Intimacy

1 Corinthians 7:5 - Like the hills and valleys of marriage, I approach this topic with light hearted stories and serious biblical reflection.  I want all couples to come away with hope for the next week and the years to come.  This can also be customized to dig deeper for an audience of hurting couples.


Author for a Day

Have you always dreamed of becoming a writer? Have your fingers tapped out a few scenes, but you're not sure what comes next? Join me learn how to write from deep point of view, master 'show don't tell, and learn dozens of tips from the writing industry to get started on fulfilling that dream!

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Friendship with a Purpose

There is so much more to friendship than a token call or meet up. Friendship with depth starts with a Godly perspective. 

Women, even Christian women measure friendship with a worldly measuring stick. And it's time we changed that.


Journaling Through Difficult Times

The Holy Bible provides us with all we need to take captive our thoughts, defend against the enemy, love, walk in wisdom, make heavenly decisions and so much more. This workshop will introduce you to  bible study, prayer and journaling techniques as you navigate the scriptures in times of trial and tribulation.


Ashley, Conference Manager

Kass was a great addition to our Women’s Retreat that was held at our church. Her message and sessions tied into our event’s theme perfectly. Kass truly cares about creating the best experience for your group.

Sandy, Participant

Honest but very encouraging. Kass shared her experiences and was willing to answer hard questions too. Overall this was time well spent. I would love to hear her speak again.

Rhonda, Retreat Organizer

Stretching her wings and walking in faith and service, Kass spoke to our ladies group a few months ago. She followed the nudge of the spirit and spoke on the topic of friendship. She spoke candidly of regrets of times that she felt she had not sufficiently fulfilled her role as a friend. She spoke of times when it was difficult to know what to do as a friend; when sorrow and grief were involved. Her words were based on faith of knowing that the Spirit will lead us in the moment and sometimes just our presence would suffice and communicate the support needed. Shortly after her visit our ladies group was faced with a tragic loss of a son of one of our members. Kass' direction came to us as we were faced with the need to communicate our support and love in this time of tragedy. Through her faith, she became the conduit through which God shared his love and met needs. She was a blessing!

Speaking Engagements

Circle of Friends Ladies Meeting

June 1, 2020

First Christian Church Ladies Meeting

April 14, 2020

Illinois Association for Home & Community Education

March 10, 2020

Be Brave Women's Retreat

October 19, 2020

Illinois Sunrise Rotary

February 2019

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