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Otherwise Known as Storytelling

Speaking engagements are just another form of storytelling.   And who doesn't love a great story?  It is my job to share the mercy, grace and love of Jesus Christ through written and spoken storytelling and I take this job VERY seriously.

Until I don't.

See, storytelling can be fun too!  It should be fun.  I don't think Jesus was a humorless guy.  he was filled with joy and I'll just bet he had a good time sharing it.

I can speak on any topics you see in my blogs, but most recently, I have spoken on:


A blessing is not just what happens when the person in front of you in the drive-thru pays for your skinny mocha latte.  A blessing is having our hearts filled with the grace and mercy of God through Jesus. 


Whenever we are feeling cheap or worthless, we have to remember the price that was paid for us.  Rooted in Ephesians 1:7, we get a little uncomfortable and vulnerable with ourselves in order to grow closer to our redeemer.

Good Enough

God doesn't want us to commit to a lifetime of lazy worship, but our constant worry over the perfectness of our Christian-ness is just as displeasing.  Based on Ephesians 2:8-9, I share how I saw the purest growth come from the rawest experiences.

Sharing Your Faith - Based on Ephesians 2:8-9, this is a short (20-30 minutes) topic with a teen focus.  I encourage the audience to not let their fear of the unknown hinder their obligation to discipleship.

Renewing the Mind - Romans 12:2 - I explore the tough topic of getting out of your head enough to make room for what God has planned: love through grace, growth and giving.  We can customize this to dig deep and reach some hurting places or keep it a bit lighter, yet meaningful. Great for all general audiences.

Marital Intimacy - 1 Corinthians 7:5 - Like the hills and valleys of marriage, I approach this topic with light hearted stories and serious biblical reflection.  I want all couples to come away with hope for the next week and the years to come.  This can also be customized to dig deeper for an audience of hurting couples.

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